• The trails are wet and Big Creek is "up."

The Pike Are Coming

Snowstorm. No pike. Hike canceled.

April Fool’s!

Actually, people have been seeing pike in Big Creek, the 2:00 Pike Hike is “a go,” but the weather is no joke.

April Fool’s Day Pike Hike

Science Saturday, our weekly family program, will be, as is our tradition, the April Fool’s Day Pike Hike. We would be April fools if we didn’t realize that the timing of the spring fish spawn is unpredictable. But after a short in-door presentation about fish reproduction, the families and learners of all ages will hike to Big Creek to search for Northern Pike—a big but remarkably elusive fish. We might see them. Or not. Fun for the whole family. Meet at the Collins Lecture Center

April 1  is also the first day of observations for our volunteers participating in the sucker research sponsored by the Shedd Aquarium under the direction of Karen Murchie. One thing we’ve learned from Dr. Murchie is how valuable our Big Creek suckers are to the web of life. Suckers provide much-needed early spring nutrients to the water. The nutrients feed the algae that feeds the larvae that become insects that feed the birds.

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