• Standing water on all trails. The view of buttercups from the North Bridge is beautiful.

World Water Day

Happy World Water Day

Hiking Trails open. Migrating ducks in The Cove

10:00 Crossroads Book Club

Celebrate Water Videos screened throughout the afternoon.

“Where Waters Meet”

Crossroads’ educational theme this year is “Where Waters Meet.” So, in the week leading up to the United Nations World Water Day, we have planned a number of water-themed activities

On Wednesday, March 22, which is the official United Nations World Water Day, members of the Junior Nature Club will be visiting Big Creek.

In observance of Women’s History Month, at the monthly Crossroads Book Club on Wednesday, March 22, at 10:00 a.m.. participants will join Crossroads staff around the fireplace to discuss “My Double Life” by Frances Hamerstrom, a falconer, naturalist, and student of Aldo Leopold. All are welcome to attend, whether or not they have read the book. A limited number of copies of the book are available at Crossroads.

In the afternoon, Crossroads will screen video recordings of some of the marvelous lectures about water which were presented at the Healthy Water Door County’s Celebrate Water Summit in 2019.

According to World Water Day organizers, the objective is to accelerate change to solve the world-wide water and sanitation crisis because “dysfunction throughout the water cycle is undermining progress on all major global issues, from health to hunger, gender equality to jobs, education to industry, disasters to peace.”

We at Crossroads are becoming a part of that research and restoration effort. Our theme “Where Waters Meet” alludes to the fact that waters from the Big Creek Watershed, from the Bay of Sturgeon Bay, and from groundwater (which travels through the fractures of our bedrock) all meet in The Cove Estuary.

The water quality from any and all of these sources will greatly impact the plants and animals of our preserves. Through our on-going efforts, we hope to be worthy stewards of our preserves … and to share what we learn with others who are endeavoring to improve water quality.

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