• The trails are wet and Big Creek is "up."


The mission of Crossroads at Big Creek is to inspire environmental stewardship in learners of all ages and from all backgrounds through education, research, restoration and outdoor experiences.

We are a crossroads, bringing together the young and old, experts and learners, researchers and policy makers.

We are a crossroads between the past and the future. We are a crossroads where residents and visitors of Door County come together to inspire care of the earth.

Crossroads at Big Creek believes that black lives matter and is committed to addressing diversity.

A healthy earth, and the enjoyment of it, is a birthright for all, not just some. We also believe that the link between environmental justice and social justice is an increasingly direct one.

read the full statement adopted by the Crossroads Board of Directors, July 2020

Crossroads at Big Creek acknowledges the First Nations People who are the original inhabitants of the region, having ancient historical and spiritual connections to the land our preserves now encompass and to the land and water we now steward.

"What a treasure this place is. It has lovely, well-maintained trails, and is such a pretty spot. You can walk in the woods, out in the sun, or along the creek. So much to explore!"


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