• Standing water on all trails. The view of buttercups from the North Bridge is beautiful.

Bird Club

The trails conditions include: muddy, wet, icy, snowcovered, and bare. It’s spring at Crossroads. But that means there are birds on The Cove Estuary, raptors in the sky, and pike in Big Creek.

Crossroads Bird Club TONIGHT at 6:30.

Those who attend the Crossroads Bird Club meeting at 6:30 p.m. on April 4 will not be April Fools when identifying look-alike birds. The lecture will offered to an informal group of people who love birds. Just in time for migration, we will help birders sort out waterfowl and raptors. The activity is free and open to the public

April 1  was  the first day of observations for our volunteers participating in the sucker research sponsored by the Shedd Aquarium under the direction of Karen Murchie. One thing we’ve learned from Dr. Murchie is how valuable our Big Creek suckers are to the web of life. Suckers provide much-needed early spring nutrients to the water. The nutrients feed the algae that feeds the larvae that become insects that feed the birds.

As of today, we have not seen suckers but there are pike.

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