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Jumping Worms: Biology, Impact & Control of a New Soil Invader – Lecture Recording

In August of 2023 the DCMGA hosted a jumping worm presentation by Brad Herrick. This lecture discussed biology, ID, and control of jumping worms which have been found in local soils.

Brad Herrick holds a B.A. in Biology from Luther College and an M.S. in Ecosystems Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He is the ecologist and research program manager at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum and a PhD student in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies also at UW-Madison. Since 2013, he has been researching the effects of jumping worms on plant and soil interactions in forests and residential gardens, susceptibility of habitats to invasion, and potential control mechanisms. He has given dozens of public talks about jumping worms and has been interviewed by various periodicals and news outlets such as, The Atlantic, NY Times, Science News, and Vox.

The presentation was held in-person at 6:30PM (CST) in the lecture hall of the Collins Learning Center at Crossroads at Big Creek, 2041 Michigan Street, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Unfortunately the recording of this lecture was lost and not able to be recovered. With Brad Herrick’s permission, we are sharing the video of another lecture on jumping worms from several years ago. The information is not as updated or focused on Door County jumping worms, but the biology, identification and behaviors remain the same.

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